I believe the answer is yes to all the above. So I think it makes better sense to talk about dominance and submission as behaviors instead of characteristics or traits. When I see some statement like "I am strongly dominant/submissive" it just makes more sense to me to restate is as "I usually behave dominantly/submissively".
(Many women have written that they somehow just 'know' that a man is an alpha. Unless these ladies are mind readers, I would think they form this opinion by observing a man's behaviour.)

We (in the sense of modern science) currently believe that many behaviors are caused, partly or largely, by innate physical or mental characteristics and that a person has some control over their behavior even though they can't change their underlying characteristics. We also believe that people tend to repeat behaviors that give them pleasure and avoid behaviors that do not.

This fits with your statement

I would imagine that their degree of dominance can be increased either because they expressly want to increase it, by making the effort, or if society's norms change towards the trait of dominance becoming more valued and accepted in men as opposed to women.
if you view "dominance can be increased" as a change in behavior. The "change in social norms" you mention would probably increase pleasure from dominant behavior.

by RichM on 2005 Nov 17 - 20:53 | reply to this comment
Rich,I regard dyslexia as

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