Me: "You don't got the skizzillz to pay the bizzillz!"

And they start laughing...

Girls: "What is that! Can I touch it!!?"

Me: "No."

And they keep trying to reach for it. Another girl...

Girl: "Is that real!?"

Me: "It's a magnet, I swear!"

Girl: "Let me see!"

Another girl...

Me:"You ever seen a black guy that can square dance?"

Girl: "No."

Me: "Watch this!"

And I start square dancing while they're just laughing. And then you see me doing the twist like a white guy from the 1950's...

Me: "Come on baaaaabaaaay and do the twist!!!"

His student is in another set. He's losing the set. RC gives me the OK to go in and save it...

Me: "Grab your partner and dosee-doe!!"

And I grab the girl and we start dancing to country music. Her and her friends are just laughing and having a good time. She introduces me to them. And then another set of girls...

Me: "What are your names!?"

Girls: "We're both Caroline!"

Me: "You can be north, and she can be south!"

And we just start laughing and joking around. A black chick then walks up to me...

Girl: "Oh my god, what is that!?"

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