Stories like this always make me think of Winston Churchill. As I recall, when Churchill was in school he had trouble passing his English class. He failed it - twice I think - and then had to work very hard doing remedial work in order to pass. Perhaps in that process he acquired a more fundamental grasp of the subject than he would otherwise have done. In any case, he must have had some latent talent. Although his development did not follow the standard path, most people would acknowledge him as a noteworthy writer and orator. Was he born that way or did he make himself that way? Probably a little of both. I suspect it is that way with a lot of things - including dominant behaviour. Sometimes it is right out front from the beginning, and sometimes it requires some cultivation in order to bring it to its potential. What I find noteworthy is that sometimes the latent fires seem to (eventually) burn the hottest.

Even so, I would agree that some men just don't seem to be born with these traits.


by George Sanderson on 2005 Nov 16 - 07:26 | reply to this comment
Making a dominant man
This reminds me of a piece of graffiti that someone allegedly saw on a toilet wall. someone had written "My mum made me a homosexual" and underneath someone else had written "If I sent her the wool, would she make me one too?"

Can you knit a dominant man?

by Louise C on 2005 Nov 16 - 09:08 | reply to this comment

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