I regard dyslexia as a disability, a learning or developmental disorder to be specific. I do not regard a low innate level of dominance as a disability much as I do not regard a high innate level of submissiveness as a disability. Whilst effort may produce improvements in reading and writing for those who are dyslexic and in dominant behaviour for those who may have a low innate level, I do not believe the two are comparable.

My son, for example, was highly motivated when younger to do as well as his classmates yet he showed a characteristic pattern for many years for dyslexia of lots of effort yielding little or no result and a consequent drop in self esteem and self belief. When assessed, his IQ score put him in the top 2% of the population but his reading and writing ability was two years behind that expected for his age.

I believe that in the case of dominance - or dominant behaviour as you say, effort would yield improvements. Dominant behaviour is something that can be learnt in my opinion, other things being equal. Failure to adequately learn reading and writing for those suffering from dyslexia is involuntary.

As you acknowledge however, someone would have to perceive some reward to themselves – either social approval or personal pleasure or gain – to put in the effort to change their behaviour to be more dominant. This having been said, as with any acquired skill, I believe innate predisposition would make it easier for some than for others. I might decide that there’s some gain to myself for example in acquiring a high level of knowledge and skill in engineering. However I have no natural interest or predisposition in this area (so far as I know) and the acquisition of such skill would be a real struggle for me, quite unlike those who have always had a fascination with the field and derived pleasure from this sort of knowledge. However if my life depended on acquiring these skills then acquire them I would. In similar circumstances where a severely dyslexic child was required to learn reading and writing skills appropriate to their age, I believe they might find themselves unable.

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