Since that little talk, I have tried to let him see me smile more frequently… I long for him to get back into that “hooked-mode”

When I became pregnant five years ago, my relationship with my husband changed significantly into a Taken In Hand one (though we didn't know about Taken In Hand at that time). He's always been an alpha male, and I'd always been an alpha female, and my pregnancy turned me in to an alpha submissive.

Jack was tremendously turned on by having impregnated me, and as my waist thickened and began to disappear, I became increasingly submissive, much to his delight. After the discomfort of the first two months, he insisted that I be sexually available to him whenever he wanted. I found this very erotic. At his behest, we tried many new positions as my belly grew. Jack picked out all of my maternity clothes, and dictated what I would wear and when. He also oversaw my diet, making sure I was eating properly and gaining enough weight to suit him.

In my fifth month, Jack presented me with a gold collar necklace with a lock that only he could remove. I would occasionally wonder what had happened to the pushy woman I had once been, but honestly, I was happier than I'd ever been, and my marriage was stronger and more passionate that ever.

Something good was happening, and we were/are both thrilled with the change. I was incredibly turned on by Jack's attentions, and loved his admiration of my growing belly and breasts. He was actually delighted to watch as I waddled around the house, wearing just enough to emphasize my new bulk.

As far as breastfeeding goes, Jack fully expected to share with our son, and of course I complied. When our son was a year old, Jack suggested that I begin to wean him (our son) from my breast, but Jack himself had no thought of weaning himself, so 4 years later, I'm still his little milk-cow. I'm now a stay at home mom, and I make time in my busy day to use a breast pump once or twice during the day, but my breasts are full and ready for Jack's attentions when he comes home from work.

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